How to Remove Dried Grease Stain from Clothing- EASY!!

About a month or so, I was in the kitchen cooking something that I can’t quite remember right now, wearing a nice pair of jeans.  This isn’t typical- me actually wearing street worthy clothing while cooking.  My kitchen attire usually consists of pajama pants and a comfy shirt; mostly because I make a mess when cooking.

I splattered melted butter on my jeans.  I quickly dabbed the butter with water and soap and then laundered as usual…a few days later. Jeans looked like this:

Grease Stained Jeans

Butter stain proudly strutting it stuff on my jeans. AHHHH! Quick Google search and I came across these solutions. I decided to go for the most ridiculous idea, WD-40.

How To:

1. Spray the stain really well with WD-40.  Let sit for 15 or so minutes, allowing for the chemicals to emulsify the butter (aka lifting the oil from the fabric).

Butter Stained Clothing

Butter Stained Clothing

2. Towel wash the sprayed area with Dishwashing detergent and water.

3. Laundered as normal- DO NOT DRY!

Adios Butter Stain!

Butter Stained Clothing


btw: sorry for the leave of absence…I’m back :)

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