J.Crew Warehouse Sale- Arden, NC

I read from several blogs about the J.Crew Warehouse/Sample sale that occurs a few times per year in Arden, NC (near Asheville, about 2 hours Northwest of our home).  Regular J.Crew store clothing, new and some samples, at super cheap prices.  We’re talking $10 pants!  Doors open at 9 AM, be in line by 8, shop til you drop, leave with a loot.  This is what I had in mind when embarking on this little adventure.  Here is how it actually went down:

We (J and me) left home around 5:30 am and drove 2 hours to the warehouse.  Arrived in the warehouse parking lot around 7:45, noticing that at least 500 people were already in line waiting to get in at 9 am.  I later found out that the first people in line arrived at 4 am!?!?!  At this point I realized that realistically getting in to shop at 9:30 was not an option so JT left me to fend for myself, armed with a book.

My view of the line at 10:30:

This was probably taken at 11:15:

Jordan brought me Chick-fil-a for lunch around 12:30 and I finally entered the warehouse around 1:30-2 pm.  That is 5+ hours of waiting in line.  Oh, did I mention that it started raining at one point?

Upon entering I was handed a price list and a clear garbage bag. I spent 2 hours digging through the boxes and surprisingly, I didn’t stress about it and get anxious, rather treated this shopping experience as some weird game show.  After 1.5 hours, I hauled my goods to a corner of the room and tried on items, sorting into 3 piles: Definite, maybe and not gonna happen. Dressing rooms do not exist so wear tight clothing so that you can try on items over your clothes.

After concluding on my purchases, I entered the counting line where an employee emptied my bag, counted all items, and sealed the bag for good.

Finally, I entered the payment line (1 cash, 2 card).  Bring cash if you can; it is a much shorter line.

You want to see what I bought?

So, was it worth it?  I think so; and next time I’ll probably make a weekend trip of it and spend the night in Asheville on Friday.  I could have easily spent $500 if I was one of the first 100 people in the store (coats, blazers, etc).


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