Never too busy for dreaming

We’ve been extremely busy lately. Fingers crossed that a few big changes are finalized this week. Two big changes WERE finalized last week!  I’ll share the details someday soon. We finally closed on our… Continue reading

How to Remove Dried Grease Stain from Clothing- EASY!!

About a month or so, I was in the kitchen cooking something that I can’t quite remember right now, wearing a nice pair of jeans.  This isn’t typical- me actually wearing street worthy… Continue reading

Ole Miss Sugar Cookies for JT’s 29th Birthday!

My husband, J, is an Ole Miss Graduate He is a Rebel and bleeds blue and red He reads Rebel message boards every day and watches every sporting event possible I love my… Continue reading

It’s Carnival Time, Eat Kingcake!

Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Day of Beads and Beer, Laughter and Smiles. It is inevitable that I miss Southern Louisiana the most during Carnival Season.  I miss the parades, my friends dancing, and… Continue reading

Creamy Seafood Lasagna- Much Better than School Cafeteria

I’ve always loved Italian food.  Dad’s meat sauce spaghetti is in my top 5 meals.  Lasagna, on the other hand, has been the equivalent to the annoying/sloppy little brother (nah, I’m not referring… Continue reading

No Lip Synch for You! Spicy Coconut Shrimp Stew

I don’t understand the ‘Beyonce lip synched Inauguration National Anthem’ hype.  The audio transmitted during the inauguration was a previously recorded version of the song that Beyonce indeed sung.  It was a cold… Continue reading

Outdoor Adventures in January- Warning: Cute Dog Photos!


When you need that dose- Daily Devotion App

I want to share the FREE Daily Bible Devotion App for iPhone and iPad that I discovered. The look is simple, easy to access morning and evening devotions.  I look forward to the new… Continue reading

Salsa Verde Chicken with Herbed Cornmeal Dumplings

Resurrected ‘Perfect One-Dish Dinners’ by Pam Anderson from the cabinet this week; Mom gave me this cookbook Christmas 2011.  I can honestly say that I can’t wait to cook 75% of the recipes… Continue reading

Perfect Macaroni and Cheese

In search for the best and boldest macaroni and cheese dish around, and with a goal of satisfying the Taylor family’s love of macaroni and cheese at Thanksgiving, I decided to make  Martha Stewart’s… Continue reading

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